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With residential treatment for mental health disorders, the environmental stresses are removed for the teens and adolescents, letting them relax and focus on dealing with their mental health disorder and the surrounding issues. We understand how complex mental health disorders can be and our program is designed to help residents talk about and deal with the problems they are facing. In order to help our residents with their mental health disorders, we provide multiple individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, multi-family therapy sessions and group therapy sessions each week. The therapeutic treatment of each resident is tailored to them individually and is designed to meet their needs and address their problems. Our team encourages and supports our residents in disclosing emotions and relationships relating to their mental health disorders.

At Center for Discovery, our team is deeply committed to helping teens and adolescents with mental health disorders. All of our therapists are full-time members of our team and are fully dedicated to the healing and recovery of our residents. We specialize in the treatment of teens and adolescents with mental health disorders and we believe that treatment needs a personal approach. Our goal is to create real and lasting change for every resident at Center for Discovery. Our mission is to help our residents gain a better sense of self and help them improve their relationships while supporting them in understanding the issues surrounding their mental health disorders. We support all of our residents in working to increase their ability to develop healthy lifestyles and to explore their personal goals while making conscious choices.

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