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Substance Abuse

When a teen or adolescent has a mental health disorder, they may also be dealing with substance abuse issues. In some cases, these teens may be using substance abuse in an attempt to cope with their mental health disorder. If a mental health disorder and a substance abuse issue are both present in a teen or adolescent, it is important to identify and treat both conditions. Many teens and adolescents dealing with both mental health disorders and substance abuse experience more severe symptoms of their conditions. At Center for Discovery, we understand that careful diagnosis and monitoring are necessary to ensure that symptoms of substance abuse are attributed to substance abuse and the symptoms of the mental health disorder are attributed to the mental health disorder. Making sure the symptoms of each are appropriately categorized allows for proper treatment of all symptoms. Research has shown that mental health disorders can increase vulnerability to substance abuse. For this reason, diagnosis and treatment of one or the other will often improve the long term outlook for the other condition. The best treatment is to provide effective interventions to treat both the substance abuse and the mental health disorder concurrently, which has been strongly supported by research. At Center for Discovery, we provide effective and strategic interventions to treat both the mental health disorder and the substance abuse problem.

Diagnosing substance abuse can be difficult with teens and adolescents, especially when teens and adolescents are also dealing with mental health disorders. While many teens dealing with mental health disorders as well as substance abuse problems may be using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate, the substance abuse can still develop into an addiction over time. Some teens with mental health disorders may be abusing substances as a way of fitting in or feeling more normal. However your teen or adolescent began their substance abuse, the important part is how they can stop. At Center for Discovery, we are dedicated to helping teens and adolescents dealing with substance abuse and mental health disorders improve their lives. We are renowned in the adolescent treatment field and we offer a comfortable, serene environment where our residents can heal and recover. If your teen is dealing with a mental health disorder and substance abuse, getting help is important and Center for Discovery can help you and your teen through the recovery process.

If your teen is dealing with substance abuse and a mental health disorder, Center for Discovery can help. At Center for Discovery, we have been helping teens and adolescents for over 15 years and we are experts at helping teens and adolescents identify the cycle of substance abuse as well as the contributing factors that may underlie the substance abuse. If your teen or adolescent is in crisis, or if you would like more information about mental health disorders, substance abuse, residential treatment or Center for Discovery, our team is here and happy to help. Call us today at 800-760-3934.

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