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Self-harm can include cutting, head-banging, hitting, picking at skin, burning or branding. Also called, self-injury, self-mutilation or cutting, self-harm is any intentional harm that a teen or adolescent causes to their own body. Most teens and adolescents who self-harm do so alone, with many teens and adolescents trying to hide the behavior. Teens and adolescents who self-harm use it as a coping mechanism to deal with stress and feelings that seem overwhelming and distressing to them. Self-harm may seem to provide a temporary relief from these feelings by giving them a way to control pain or break through emotional numbness. Many teens and adolescents who self-harm never learned a better, less extreme way of dealing with stress. Some of the signs of self-harm in teens include wearing long sleeves and pants in warmer weather, low self-esteem, difficulty dealing with feelings, and the appearance of objects that you would not normally expect to find including razors or other sharp objects or lighters.

It is our deeply held belief that teens and adolescents who self-harm deserve and need specialized treatment. Our program provides the therapeutic environment for teens and adolescents to affect real emotional and behavioral growth. With self-harm, it is important to understand the underlying factors that have contributed to the teenís behavior in order to help them. At Center for Discovery, we understand that these factors are unique to each of our residents and we are experts at helping teens determine and address these factors. Treatment for teens and adolescents who self-harm is provided through our proprietary process in a home-like setting within a residential neighborhood. Our process utilizes both traditional inpatient therapies and personalized interventions to offer the highest standard of care. By offering treatment in a home-like setting in a residential neighborhood, the skills and knowledge learned at Center for Discovery are more easily transferred to life after treatment and the transition from home to residential treatment is made as comfortable as possible.

If your teen or adolescent is practicing self-harm, we can help. Our team is here to help answer your questions about self-harm, residential treatment, Center for Discovery, or any other questions you have. Your privacy is important to us and your information is kept strictly confidential. Center for Discovery is licensed by the state of California and JCAHO accredited as a residential treatment center. JCAHO accreditation is a nationally recognized symbol of our commitment to the highest treatment and performance standards. Call us today at 888-706-4531.

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