Southern California Teen Residential Treatment

Program Schedule

At Center for Discovery, we are able to provide more therapeutic services to our residents than any other residential treatment center. Our mental health disorder treatment program includes individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, multi-family sessions, and group therapy sessions. Each resident’s treatment plan is personalized to meet their needs and help them deal with their issues including education, therapy, and medical consultation.

Weekly Schedules include:

•  Individual therapy sessions
•  Family therapy sessions
•  Multi-family therapy sessions
•  Medical assessment (more if needed)
•  Psychiatric consultation
•  Individual nutrition session
•  Therapeutic groups including:
•  Dialectical behavioral therapy
•  Medication education group
•  Meditation group
•  Creative arts therapy
•  Recreational activities
•  Music therapy group
•  Spirituality group
•  Commitments group
•  Communication skills training
•  Self-calming skills
•  Coping skills group
•  Self-esteem group
•  Relapse prevention group

Sample Weekly Schedule (PDF)

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