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Our Proprietary Process

Center for Discovery is dedicated to helping teens and adolescents dealing with mental health disorders. We are specialists in the treating of these adolescents and teens and through our proprietary process we have a legacy of successfully helping teens and adolescents with mental health disorders. Each of our residents is directly and personally involved in the development of their personal and individualized treatment program. This treatment plan also includes a comprehensive aftercare program to ensure a successful transition from residential treatment. Our process is centered on family, with family members playing a prominent role in therapy as well as providing a close support system for the resident. One of the cornerstones of the Center for Discovery process is the therapeutic family event. During these events, residents and their families are able to address family interactions and dynamics while receiving support from the Center for Discovery staff. In addition to the therapeutic family events, multiple sessions of family therapy each week as well as multiple session of multi-family group therapy sessions are provided as part of the family centered process.

Our mental health disorder treatment program also includes several individual therapy sessions for each resident and multiple daily group therapy sessions. Over 40 group therapy sessions are available to residents each week. At Center for Discovery, we know that every resident is an individual with their own set of issues that affect them. To provide the best treatment for each resident, the treatment plan for each resident is developed especially to provide them with the best combination of therapy sessions.

Mental health disorder treatment at Center for Discovery is provided in a residential neighborhood, in a home-like setting. This setting is more familiar to residents, making it more comfortable and allowing the skills and knowledge learned at Center for Discovery to be more easily transferable to life after residential treatment. Center for Discovery is a structured, nurturing environment where the focus is on providing a safe, therapeutic atmosphere where teens and adolescents, along with their families, can feel welcome while being supported throughout the treatment process.

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