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Center for Discovery provides residential treatment for teens and adolescents with mental health disorders. We personalize treatment plans for each of our residents to address their specific situation and needs, maintaining a low resident to staff ratio to provide a high level of care. Our mission is to provide effective and intensive treatment for teens and adolescents dealing with mental health disorders in an intimate setting where we can foster connection, trust, and growth. Mental health disorder treatment at Center for Discovery is delivered through our validated treatment program that focuses on helping our residents learn about and deal with their mental health disorder and the issues surrounding it. Our goal is to strategically address the mental health disorder and the surrounding issues while providing effective interventions to support long term recovery.

Treatment at Center for Discovery, in Southern California, is a five level, progressive system. Each of the five levels is based on personal growth and emphasizes the nature of mental health disorders. The level system at Center for Discovery is a crucial part of our treatment philosophy. Each of the five levels focuses on reflecting the progress that the resident is making, increasing their recovery independence as they accept more personal responsibility. As residents show a higher level of motivation and more personal responsibility, they advance through the levels. Many of our residents are experienced at gaining acceptance through performance. For this reason, we place value on the resident as a person and not on their performance. Residents that are more interested and involved in integrating the skills they learn at Center for Discovery are more likely to stay in treatment and succeed in long term recovery.

If your teen is suffering with a mental health disorder, Center for Discovery can help. We are experts in helping teens and adolescents in Southern California with mental health disorders. We are experienced at helping our residents identify the emotional issues surrounding their mental health disorder and helping them learn to deal with them. If your teen or adolescent needs help, or if you would like to talk with someone about mental health disorders, residential treatment or Center for Discovery, we are here to help. Call our friendly, experienced team at 866-377-9962.

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