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Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional defiant disorder describes an ongoing pattern of hostile and defiant behavior towards parents, guardians, and other authority figures. This behavior can range from annoying and uncooperative to extremely hostile and defiant. This behavior will often interrupt the everyday activities of the adolescent or teen, including at school and within the family. Often, adolescents and teens dealing with oppositional defiant disorder will be moody, have low self-esteem and be easily frustrated. If your teen or adolescent is experiencing symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder, it is important to get professional help. Without treatment, adolescents with oppositional defiant disorder may experience other issues with others at school. It may be hard to initially see the difference between strong-willed and emotional behavior versus oppositional defiant disorder. Symptoms usually begin gradually and become more pronounced over time. With treatment, your teen or adolescent can become more self-confident and you can build a positive relationship with your teen or adolescent. Our treatment program closely involves family in the treatment process and is the only residential treatment center for teens with mental health disorders in Southern California. Research has shown that family involvement in treatment is a critical factor in successful treatment outcomes.

At Center for Discovery, we understand that teens and adolescents with oppositional defiant disorder need specialized treatment. Our program provides a therapeutic environment where teens and adolescents can experience real emotional and behavioral growth. With oppositional defiant disorder, understanding and addressing the issues surrounding the disorder is important. At Center for Discovery, we are highly skilled at helping teens and adolescents realize and deal with the issues of oppositional defiant disorder. Treatment at Center for Discovery is provided in a home-like setting in a Southern California residential neighborhood. The home-like setting and residential neighborhood allow for a more comfortable transition from home to residential treatment and increases the ease of transferring the knowledge and skills learned in treatment to life after treatment.

If your teen or adolescent is dealing with oppositional defiant disorder, Center for Discovery is here to help. Our professional, caring, and dedicated team is happy to help answer your questions about oppositional defiant disorder, residential treatment and Center for Discovery. All inquiries are strictly confidential and your privacy is extremely important to us. If your family is in crisis, or if your teen or adolescent needs help, call us today at 888-706-4531. Center for Discovery is licensed by the state of California and JCAHO accredited as a residential treatment center. JCAHO accreditation is a nationally recognized symbol of our commitment to the highest treatment and performance standards.

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