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Family Involvement

Family is a very important source of support for teens and adolescents dealing with mental health disorders. Our main goal is to foster the recovery process and to strengthen the ability and knowledge of the teen and their family so they can become more self-sufficient and live a full life without crises. At Center for Discovery, we know that family therapy and multi-family therapy is the best way to provide encouragement, education and empathy to teens and their family as they deal with mental health disorders. Our team provides the guidance and knowledge so the best course of personalized treatment can be determined and aftercare and recovery can be supported. We know that families of teens with mental health disorders that are supported during both the treatment and recovery process improve their relationships. This also supports the establishment of an environment that will encourage successful long-term recovery.

Treatment at Center for Discovery is designed so each resident can consider their mental health disorder. During this part of the process, we encourage the family of each resident to participate in the exploration process and support the resident. We strongly believe that all family members should participate in the weekly family and multi-family therapy sessions so everyone can more fully understand the issues surrounding their teenís mental health disorder. Family members learn skills to help them create the necessary environmental changes to support their teenís long term recovery. At Center for Discovery, we focus our treatment program on promoting family interaction and social support for every resident and their family.

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