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Center for Discovery provides a supportive and positive culture for teens and adolescents dealing with mental health disorders. With a small, home-like setting, Center for Discovery is able to personalize treatment and provide a high number of family therapy sessions and therapeutic approaches. Personalized treatment with the highest level of therapeutic treatment is most effective for residents. A smaller setting also gives fewer chances for residents to “hide” and increases the likelihood of residents participating in group therapy. This also gives an opportunity for therapy assignments to be specific to each resident and their situation. Our location in a residential neighborhood provides a familiar setting for teens and adolescents, which promotes a better internalization and transferability of the learned skills and treatment experience to life after residential treatment.

Treatment at Center for Discovery is focused on a family oriented approach. We closely involve family members in treatment and as a support system for the recovery of residents. At Center for Discovery, we use a combine approach of multi-family therapy, family therapy, individual therapy and group therapy to provide education and create the therapeutic change necessary for long term recovery. An important part of our process is the therapeutic family event. During these events, family members and residents are able to receive therapy and coaching on family dynamics, relationships and interactions. The skills that are learned during these events are able to provide support for the resident and family after residential treatment.

Center for Discovery is JCAHO accredited and licensed by the state of California. JCAHO accreditation and certification is nationally recognized as a symbol of quality and a reflection of our commitment to the highest treatment and performance standards. Center for Discovery is contracted with most major insurance companies. Our proprietary, family based approach focuses on the issues surrounding mental health disorders as well as the mental health disorder itself. We provide residential treatment to help teens and adolescents dealing with mental health disorders.

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