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While feeling down occasionally happens to all of us, when that feeling becomes persistent and interferes with the ability of your teen or adolescent to function normally, you may need to find out more about teen depression. Depression can be debilitating for your teen or adolescent and can turn someone who is usually a happy, vibrant person into someone who has a hard time getting off the couch or out of bed. Depression in teens and adolescents is a serious problem that affects their emotions, thoughts and behavior. Depression in teens and adolescents is experienced similarly to depression in adults, however teens and adolescents are often dealing with more intense emotions and unique issues. Peer pressure and academic expectations can affect teens in many ways and for some teens and adolescents, they can lead to depression. For teens and adolescents dealing with depression, the depression seems unmanageable or overwhelming. They may not understand why they are not doing the things they normally did or why they have little or no interest in activities they used to enjoy. Many teens and adolescents with depression do not feel overly sad, instead they feel numb and disconnected from their emotions and themselves. This feeling of numbness and disconnection can make it much harder for your teen or adolescent to see the signs in themselves or feel like they want to change. Depression in teens and adolescents can have very serious consequences but with treatment, recovery is possible.

We provide residential treatment for teens and adolescents in Southern California so the family of each resident can be closely involved in treatment. Family involvement is a critical part of the treatment process. It is never about blame. It is about helping each of our residents get better. At Center for Discovery, our depression treatment program focuses on providing the therapeutic environment residents and their families need to affect emotional and behavioral growth. Our depression treatment program utilizes traditional inpatient therapy as well as individualized interventions to provide the best possible care for our residents. Our team understands the complex nature of depression in teens and adolescents and that the specific issues facing each person are unique to them and their situation. Residential treatment at Center for Discovery offers a safe place for teens and adolescents dealing with mental health disorders to examine the issues related to their depression. Our program is a home-like setting within a residential neighborhood, making the transition to residential treatment as safe, secure, and comfortable as possible. Center for Discovery maintains a low resident to staff ratio to provide the personal attention and treatment to effectively help teens and adolescents with mental health disorders.

We understand that making the decision for residential treatment can be hard and that looking for a facility can be emotional and stressful. At Center for Discovery, all inquiries are handled by our professional, caring and committed staff. Your privacy is important to us and your call will be held in the strictest of confidence. Center for Discovery is licensed by the state of California and is JCAHO accredited. JCAHO accreditation is a nationally recognized symbol of quality that reflects our commitment to the highest levels of treatment and performance standards. If your teen or adolescent is suffering with a mental health disorder, we can help. Please call us today at 888-706-4531.

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