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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, sometimes called manic-depressive illness, is a disorder that causes unusual swings in mood, activity, and energy levels. Bipolar disorder can affect a teen or adolescent’s ability to carry out normal, everyday tasks. Bipolar disorder may be difficult to see when it first develops, although it often begins in the late teen years. Symptoms of bipolar disorder may seem like they are not connected at first, making it harder to recognize. Teens with bipolar disorder experience emotional states that are unusually intense and occur in distinct periods called mood episodes. A manic episode is an overly happy or overexcited state and a depressive episode is a state of hopelessness or extreme sadness. Some mood episodes can have symptoms from both manic and depressive episodes. During some mood episodes, teens and adolescents with bipolar disorder may be irritable or explosive. Teens and adolescents with bipolar disorder may also be dealing with behavioral issues. Bipolar disorder may cause problems for teens and adolescents in school, at work or with relationships. While bipolar disorder is a life long illness, with treatment teens and adolescents can learn to manage their symptoms and lead full and successful lives.

At Center for Discovery, we are strongly committed to the belief that teens and adolescents with bipolar disorder require and deserve specialized treatment. Our residential treatment program specializes in providing the therapeutic environment for teens and adolescents to experience emotional and behavioral growth. Bipolar disorder is a complex disorder and a variety of resources are needed for effective treatment. We provide treatment in a home-like setting in a residential neighborhood to encourage better transference of knowledge and skills learned at Center for Discovery to the “real world”. We provide treatment in Southern California so the families of our residents can participate in treatment and provide a support system for successful recovery. Family involvement in treatment is deeply integrated into the Center for Discovery process and research has shown that family involvement is critical for successful recovery.

If your teen or adolescent is suffering with bipolar disorder, Center for Discovery can help. Call us today at 888-706-4531 to talk with us about residential treatment, Center for Discovery or any other questions you may have. Your privacy is important to us and all calls are kept strictly confidential. Center for Discovery is licensed by the state of California and is JCAHO accredited. JCAHO accreditation is a nationally recognized symbol of our deep commitment to the highest treatment and performance standards.

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