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While anxiety is a perfectly normal response to stress, for some teens the reaction to stress is much stronger. For these teens, even thinking about stressful situations or decisions can cause them distress. When anxiety helps you deal with these stressful situations effectively, it can be a good thing. When a teen or adolescent is no longer able to see past or through these situations, the anxiety is harmful, particularly when that anxiety is excessive or irrational. In these cases, the excessive or irrational anxiety can become debilitating, creating dread of normal, everyday situations. When a teen or adolescent is not able to focus or function normally due to anxiety, treatment can help them cope with their anxiety and allow them to enjoy a full life.

Some warning signs of excessive or irrational anxiety may include:

•  Worried or anxious feelings for no specific reason
•  Constant worrying about everyday activities or events
•  Panic and inability to function in specific situations
•  Excessive concern about events or activities that are not unusual
•  Repeated checking to see if an activity was done correctly

For teens and adolescents, the feelings brought on with anxiety disorders can be confusing. Constant anxiety can make teens feel overwhelmed, even with seemingly small things. Teens and adolescents with anxiety disorders may not want to talk about their anxiety, expecting others to not understand or feeling ashamed or embarrassed. At Center for Discovery, we understand how anxiety can interrupt the life of a teen or adolescent. We can help your teen or adolescent get back to their life, better and ready to take on anything.

We believe that teens and adolescents dealing with mental health disorders need and deserve specialized treatment. Our program focuses on helping teens with the intensive therapeutic atmosphere they need to realize emotional and behavioral growth. Anxiety disorders can be complex and require a variety of resources for effective treatment. Our program makes those resources available to teens and adolescents in a familiar, home-like setting in a residential neighborhood. This setting allows for a smoother transition between home and residential treatment and increases the ability to transfer the knowledge and skills learned at Center for Discovery to life after treatment. At Center for Discovery, we provide residential treatment in Southern California, so the families of our residents can be closely integrated into treatment and provide a support network. Research has shown that family involvement in treatment is a crucial factor in ensuring successful recovery. Our facility located in Whittier, California, is the only mental health disorder residential treatment center for teens and adolescents in Southern California.

All inquiries are handled by our caring and committed team. Your privacy is vitally important to us and your call will be held in the strictest of confidence. Center for Discovery is JCAHO accredited and licensed by the state of California as a residential treatment center. JCAHO accreditation symbolizes quality, is nationally recognized, and reflects our deep commitment to the highest standards of treatment and performance. If your teen or adolescent is suffering with an anxiety disorder, we can help. Call us today at 888-706-4531.

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