Southern California Teen Residential Treatment

Southern California Teen Residential Treatment

At Center for Discovery, we provide residential treatment to help teens and adolescents dealing with mental health disorders. Our program is committed to helping male and female adolescents, aged 11 to 17, who are struggling with primary mental disorders including mood disorders, anxiety disorders and adjustment disorders. Our residential treatment program is intensive and treatment is personalized to each teen, their specific needs and situation. Every member of our team is deeply devoted to the healing and well-being of our residents and their families.

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We firmly believe that teens and adolescents need specialized treatment when dealing with mental health disorders. Center for Discovery has been specially designed to provide each resident with the individualized treatment necessary to safely affect behavioral, social, emotional and spiritual growth. Center for Discovery has been focused on helping adolescents for over 15 years. During that time, we have developed our family oriented process, involving family members closely in therapeutic treatment and as a support system. Research has shown that family involvement in the treatment process is critical to ensure successful treatment. With Center for Discovery, it is never about blame it is about helping your teen or adolescent. With our facility located in Whittier, California, Center for Discovery is the only mental health disorder residential treatment center for teens and adolescents in Southern California.

Our program utilizes empirically supported therapies that are well-established treatments. Our residents participate in over 40 structured therapy and task oriented groups each week. Treatment at Center for Discovery includes group therapy, individual therapy, and multifamily therapy sessions. At Center for Discovery, we provide a full 7 day schedule of treatment each week, with every day including weekends being utilized fully for therapeutic treatment. An average treatment week at Center for Discovery includes three individual therapy sessions, two family therapy sessions with the resident and their family, two multi-family group sessions with multiple residents and their families involved in the therapy session, two dialectic behavioral therapy sessions and over 40 group therapy sessions. Multi-family group sessions help families learn from others by both seeing how other families deal with similar issues and having other families observe the family dynamics, roles, and interactions that they have been practicing, potentially for years. Group therapy sessions include many groups that are focused on helping to educate residents and their families. With everything from mediation groups, art therapy groups, and music therapy groups to our medication management groups, our treatment program focuses on healing residents while helping them to become more self-sufficient. Our medication management group is facilitated by a psychiatrist and helps residents and their families learn about medications in general and how they are used as well as helping them learn more about the medications specific to their teen.

Residential treatment at Center for Discovery takes place in a closely supervised, structured and nurturing environment. Treatment is provided in a home-like setting in a residential neighborhood, allowing the focus of treatment to be on the concerns surrounding the mental health disorder and not on the distractions that may exist in the life of an adolescent. Treatment is provided by our multi-disciplinary team of licensed and specialized psychiatrists, therapists, physicians, dietitians, and counselors. Each resident, as part of their treatment team, has an assigned nurse, a primary therapist, a dietitian and a discharge planning expert. A dietitian is included as part of our treatment team as many adolescents dealing with mental health disorders may have fixations or other issues concerning food and nutrition. Another important member of the treatment team is the discharge planning expert. The discharge planner is highly skilled at identifying possible community resources to assist with treatment after residential treatment.

Center for Discovery is licensed by the state of California and is JCAHO accredited (Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospitals Organization). JCAHO accreditation and certification is a nationally recognized symbol of quality that reflects our deep commitment to the highest treatment standards. Many of our residents are referred directly by medical and therapeutic professional. If your adolescent is suffering with a mental health disorder, Center for Discovery can help. We understand that choosing residential treatment for your adolescent or teen can be a hard decision. If your adolescent or teen is in crisis, please call us today at 888-706-4531.
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